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Dr. Jack Thomas is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in higher education administration with extensive senior-level management experience. He has held senior executive positions with various institutions across the United States including, Department Chair, Dean, Executive Vice President, Provost, and President. Dr. Thomas’ expertise includes comprehensive budgeting, managerial, marketing, and fundraising activities.

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Within These Gates

Within These Gates: Academic Work, Academic Leadership, University Life, and the Presidency examines the varied interactions between college and university presidents and their campus and local communities, alumni, governing bodies, external forces that impact higher education, federal and state government entities, and other stakeholders. The text offers a broad view of modern postsecondary institutions while focusing on leadership from a contemporary perspective and combines practical knowledge and theoretical frameworks for leadership models in higher education. Thomas’s personal narratives coupled with relevant professional experiences provide a cogent map for emerging and career scholars seeking college or university presidency or other senior-level positions. The subject matter ranges from academic structures in colleges and universities to managing institutional budgets, shared-governance models, student support, faculty development, facilities management, and fundraising. Thomas places an emphasis on the importance of leadership styles, the various patterns of organizational governance, and principles that are associated with the administration of higher education institutions.

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